I’m Not Mrs Alessio

She was my mother-in-law’s mother. I affiliated her grandson. They endemic a abiding restaurant in Banker’s Hill alleged “Mister A’s.” Mrs. Alessio was Mister A’s wife. At one point in San Diego’s history, I apprehend their appearance was legendary. And I affiance you, it was able-bodied earned.

My in-laws, both generations, set the bar for elegance. They were an old time San Diego ancestors with a affluent history that I never absolutely heard all of. I apperceive they endemic the Hotel Del Coronado at one point as able-bodied as the Kona Kai just from ancestors pictures about their homes in those settings.

Many photos are taken at chase advance which they were complex in as well. In the cine “Casey’s Shadow,” my ancestors and their kids were apparent in box seats abreast the end of the cine as they endemic the Ruidoso Downs chase clue if the blur was made.

The aboriginal time I was arrive over to watch TV, I wore jeans and a sweater. My fiance asked if I was planning to ablution the car if he best me up. If we got to the Vila Rosa, I accomplished that some families get all dressed up, put on jewelry, perfume, cologne (and a lot of each) to watch TV at home.

I will not bore you with “over-the-top elegance” belief but my mother-in-law in a feature cape at DisneyLand is one. Another is the night we all met at the Vila if her dress for our marriage accustomed from Sak’s Fifth Avenue-a full-length, beaded Bob Mackie no less! Holy smokes did that affair shine. We angry off the lights and it still lit up the room. As did she, abounding times over.

My mother-in-law Rose Marie-dressed to the nines from aurora to dark and beyond. All the time. Everyday. Always. She absolutely had an amazing faculty of appearance that never let up. Even her bathrobe breadth was fabulous. Three chambers-one for bathing, one for composition and hair and a third for clothes, shoes, accessories, hats, jewelry. It was a fantasy.

From the 200+ additional Alessios that I met, I abstruse a lot. Some humans name their homes. (They did) I aswell abstruse of some caliginosity of the accomplished that abode them to this day. Yesterday would accept been my above husband’s 53rd altogether had he lived.

I address this cavalcade to you, Ron, for the adulation and breeding you already brought into my life.

With love, The Already and Above Mrs. Rosa